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LTD Construction was started in August of 1994, with a specific intent. We wanted to bring a higher quality product to the area. We knew that we could provide a high quality product that was consistently completed on schedule, by following two principles. By listening to our customers, and delivering the product that they desire, and by providing a better work environment for our employees, where they know that they are valued, and respected.

Construction and General Contractors in Traverse City

LTD's president, David Thompson, has been building for 35 years. He started building grocery stores, in the Detroit area, in 1976, and has been building ever since. He started as a laborer, and worked his way up to Senior Project Manager, through hard work, and attention to detail. And now, as LTD's President, he will give your project that same level of attention, whether your project is large, or small.

Construction and General Contractors in Traverse City

LTD has always been committed to sustainable construction, where we respect the environment, and provide a safe, healthy environment, for our employees, and customers, alike. To show commitment to that principle, the president of the company has earned his LEED accreditation.

Construction and General Contractors in Traverse City
General Contractors in Traverse City

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